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Jennifer & Scott Cranford! Jennifer and her husband Scott are the owners of The Cup and the Scone & veterans! Jennifer has 3 girls Jessica, Olivia, and Sadie and a son, Lucas and Scott has one son, Sean. Together Scott and Jen have 9 grandkids who are truly the joy of their life along with their children. Jennifer became a published author last year along with SO many other amazing accomplishments. Scott truly has all the facts behind the coffee house origin. If you get the chance, stop him and ask for all the details! There is so much to say about this couple and I hope you'll get to learn more about them as you continue to visit our coffeehouse!



Marty Fannin! Marty & Scott have been best buds for 30 years. Marty is a marine veteran! Whether or not Marty is working he's always up at the shop. Marty is married to Anselma (nicknamed Smith) and they have 3 girls Amanda, Asia, & Ana & a son Alec. If you recognize Marty it's because he's worn many hats throughout the years including serving as chairman on the Livingston County board from 2012-2016, & GLC EDC. 

Head Manager


Kyle Kohler! Kyle is one of Scott and Jennifer's (the owners) son-in-law, married to their youngest daughter, Sadie. They have 3 children: two girls & a boy. Kyle is incredible at latte art, music, & keeping everyone on task. He has a heart for the Lord & his family. You will see him during the week & possibly (if we can get him to) on a Saturday night for live music. 


Anna Hoerner! Anna is Marty's (co-owners) oldest daughter. Anna is married to Doug and they have 2 boys. You'll most often catch Anna in the mornings, bright & early, baking goodies or taking pictures. Anna is also the manager for our social media pages. If you see Anna give her a hug & make sure to thank her for all of the yummies we offer! 

Assistant Manager

James Motteler! James has 5 siblings, 4 sisters & 1 brother. He also has 3 nieces & 3 nephews. James is Scott's (the owners) God-son. He's the youngest of the management crew & a Pontiac native. You've likely seen him on the gridiron! James loves the positive vibes & atmosphere that the coffee house brings to Pontiac.